Tigers In Chinese Zoo Also Exposed At Night.

Shanghai tiger

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Now, Visit Animal Kingdom At Night.


Pudong’s Shanghai Wild Animal Park will stay open at night — until 9pm — from August 8, allowing visitors to explore the magic and glamour of the animal world after sunset.

Many wild animals are active during the night as they sleep in the day, and visitors only get to see nocturnal creatures and some fierce animals in a state of slumber in daytime, the park operator said.

“The night zoo will display another side of the lives of various wild creatures,” said Zhong Yi, deputy general manager of the park.

“Animals like tiger, lion, raccoon, Central American tapir and anteater are active at night, and they seek food or do exploring and washing,” he explained.


The zoo in Sjanghai now opens up for the night to profit more from the night economy – to see even more tigers fighting for meat.

Not only does it mean that tigers are now exposed longer to annoying people but there is also a lightshow – with effects on their behavior.

This means even more pressure on the tigers.