Tiger Rama Dies One Week After Attack Of Zookeeper – Coincidence?

Delhi zoo tiger

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India – India TV News

Bengal Tiger Dies At Delhi Zoo.


An eight-year-old Bengal tiger died in the Delhi zoo on Friday due to “multiple organ failure”, officials said. Rama died around 1 pm on Friday.

The zoo has seen deaths of 245 animals from April 2018 to June 2019. It has also lost the entire population of around 10 animal species, including chinkara, water monitor lizard, soft-shelled turtle and ostrich, in recent times.

Recently the zoo’s last cape buffalo died allegedly after eating plastic.


One of the worst zoos in the world is in Delhi (India). In 14 months already 245 animals died in this Delhi zoo. Now one of their main attractions, a royal Bengal tiger named Rama, suddenly died.

One week before the tiger attacked a zookeeper, injuring the hand of the careless employee. It might be a coincidence that the tiger died one week after the incident, but the odds are against it.

This calls for a thorough investigation on the zoo as a whole (management too). But the question is: will the Indian zoo association (CZA) have the guts to do this?

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