Tiger At Oklahoma City Zoo To Leave For New Home In North Dakota.

Zoya tiger

A tiger at the Oklahoma City Zoo is set to leave for her new home in North Dakota soon.

Zoya, a female Amur tiger cub, was born on July 10, 2017 (see picture), at the Philadephia Zoo. However, she was rejected by her mother and caregivers knew they had to find her an opportunity to grow up with other tigers.

As a result, the Oklahoma City Zoo offered to attempt to integrate Zoya with a litter of Sumatran tiger cubs that were born at the zoo one day before Zoya’s birth.

Officials say that although Sumatran and Amur tigers are different subspecies, they look the same as cubs.

Amazingly, Zoya integrated “perfectly” in the zoo’s Sumatran tiger group with surrogate mom Lola and her foster brothers, Ekoa, Ramah and Gusti.