Oldest Amur Tiger In Capticity Dies.

Toma Amur tiger

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USA – New York Business Journal

Toma, The Tiger, Dies At Rosamond Gifford Zoo.


Toma, a male Amur tiger at the Rosamond Gifford Zoo, has died at age 18, the zoo announced Tuesday in a Facebook post.

Toma was the oldest living male Amur tiger in human care and had previously survived cancer treatment, the Syracuse zoo said.


Toma was the oldest Amur tiger in captivity in the world and was euthanized on orders of the management of the zoo in New York (USA), a state where euthanising humans is not allowed.

Zoos see tigers as moneymakers. They attract more people than any other animal. Most of the times the management of zoos makes their audience believe that tigers are in zoos because of a ‘survival” plan, which is highly questionable as there are better ways for tigers to create this.

Ted Fox, the Rosamond Gifford Zoo director, said the zoo will acquire another pair of Amur tigers and continue to participate in the species survival plan in the future.

What he really means is that they need another tiger to attract people to the zoo again.

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