Longleat Zoo Knows How To Exploit Tigers.

Longleat tiger

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United Kingdom – Daily Mail

Earning Their Stripes! Three-Month-Old Tiger Cubs Pounce And Play Fight With Their Mother As They Venture Outside For The First Time At Wiltshire Safari Park.


Heartwarming footage shows two endangered tiger cubs cuddling with their mother as they venture outside for the first time.

The clip from Longleat Safari Park in Wiltshire shows the three-month-old Amur tigers pouncing and play fighting in their enclosure.

Their mother Yana appears very protective of her babies as she places a loving paw around the pair and stands in front of them.


UK Longleat zoo knows how to exploit tigers and is following the tiger cub exploitation protocol.

This step is about the first presentation of the cubs to the public – always an amazing magnet for visitors and media.

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