Horror Trip Tigers Shocks The World.

Rescued tiger

The tiger ‘gift’ that horrified Polish rescuers.


Nine emaciated and distressed tigers transported from Italy to the Poland-Belarus border are safe now, but the case exposed a cruel, shadowy trade in exotic animals destined for Asia.

The discovery last October shocked Ewa Zgrabczynska, director of Poznan Zoo in Poland, which is looking after four of them.

The other five were taken in by an animal welfare centre called Primadomus, near Alicante in southern Spain.


In October 2019 Italian drivers took 10 tigers from Italy to Dagestan in Russia but were stopped by the Belarus border police because the paperwork didn’t match.

Read here a tragic story, which all started with the irresponsible behavior of a circus family (the Montico’s) in Italy.

One tiger didn’t survive the horror trip. The rest is gaining strength in zoos in Poland and in a sanctuary in Spain.

Let’s hope for an Italian investigation to get the ones responsible.

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