Lockdown poaching

Lockdown poaching takes toll


Lockdown poaching in India takes a huge toll on wild animals in India. The dwindling population of endangered animals in India. Earth Day 2021 is about ‘Restoring our Earth’. Some people may take a sigh of relief. Some populations are showing signs of improvement. Like the tigers and rhinos in India. But the reality is grim.

Saket Badola is the head of TRAFFIC, a wildlife trade monitoring network. He says: “We cannot link population increase with their overall well-being.” According to Badola the increase of well known species is marginal. This doesn’t necessarily indicate that everything goes well with them. “We can still say they’re in a pathetic state,” said Badola

This is due to three important factors — food, fun, and fashion. Three elements that are fuelled by the covid-19 pandemic, which results in more and more lockdown poaching.