Nawab Shafath Ali Kahn and Asghar

Father of Avni-killer thinks son deserves award


Avni was shot dead in Yavatmal district of Maharashtra by Asghar on November 2 three years ago. The father-son duo was reacting to the Supreme Court which said on Friday that the killing of Avni was carried out as per court orders as she was a maneater and declared the contempt case against Maharashtra forest officials filed by animal rights activist Sunita Dongre as invalid.

Shafath Ali said he and his son are ready to help Telangana forest department tranquilise the suspected maneater tiger A2 in Asifabad district. “In one shot, Asghar killed the tigress T1, which was a confirmed maneater that killed 13 innocent humans outside the forest. How did human killings stop after she was shot if she was not a maneater?

The full article was published by Times of India on February 27, 2021.