Wildlife watchdogs

Nepal’s wildlife watchdogs honoured


Nepal Police investigators win the UN’s Asia Environmental Enforcement Awards for prosecuting wildlife traffickers.

Growing up in a Darchula village near the Tibetan border, a young Birendra Singh Johari was no stranger to wildlife crimes. 

At teashops and community gatherings, neighbours openly talked about transporting tiger pelts and elephant ivory to traders across the border to China.

“They called it दुइ नम्बरी धन्दा, but it was also how people in Darchula could make a living. Since then, I had always wanted to grow up to be a cop and arrest the real bad guys,” recalls Johari, now 40, and Sub-Inspector at the Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) Wildlife Pillar 4 of the Nepal Police.

The full story was published by the Nepal Times on February 22, 2021.