Wildlife crime

Wildlife crime Poachers busted

Wildlife crime is on of 5 largest and most profitable crimes in the world. Also because law enforcement is poorly organised, and punishments are often easily avoided. Elements in wildlife crime are poaching, smuggling, trading. But also think about related corruption. We also consider tiger farming a part of wildlife crime, and not only because it is against the will of CITES. 

To fight wildlife crime law enforcement is needed. In strong, reliable, organised ways.

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One could say that everything in the proces of wildlife crime starts with poaching, the illegal abduction or killing of wild animals. Poaching is easy to do as jungles are large and hard to protect.

After an animal is poached, it needs to get from A to B. The demand of wildlife products can only get the goods by ways of smuggling, the illegal transportation of wildlife products. This happens often in the same way, until a smuggling route is discovered.

The trading of tigers is the same as bringing supply and demand together. Tigers represent more value when they are being used as ingredients for pills (Traditional Chinese Medicines (TCM)), lotions, tiger bone wine, clothing, jewelry and many other products. Trading tigers is very lucrative.

Corruption is often mentioned when it comes to tiger crimes. There is almost always a link to authorities. It can be a ranger that looks the other way for a couple of dollars, it can be a police officer that receives money to look the other or it can be a judge that makes a wildlife criminal walk free.

Tiger farming is the process of farming tigers. This has been condemned by CITES but it still happens. In China, Laos and Vietnam. As long as tiger farming exists, the pressure on tigers in the wild remains high.

The whole process of law enforcement is very difficult. It starts with political back-up, also internationally. Funding law enforcement is also a difficult subject. But law enforcement is needed badly. Without it, tigers are doomed to get extinct within a couple of years.

A lot of above mentioned subjects are related to traditional medicines. Although animals are being used in medicines in other countries as well, China has created a history with regard to using animals in “their” medicines. Traditional Chinese Medicine, trademarked with TCM, is a major threat to wildlife, not only to tigers.


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