White Tiger Gets Sick – Again – In Indian Zoo.

White tiger Subhranshu

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India – Orissa Post

White tiger Subhranshu falls sick at Nandankanan Zoological Park.


White tiger Subhranshu has fallen sick at the Nandankanan zoo once again. It has stopped its food intake and is under treatment in its feeding chamber, a source in the zoo said.

The rare animal continued to lay at one place Saturday leaving the zoo authorities in a fix.

It may be mentioned here that Subhranshu has not been keeping well since last couple of days. It was first found to be unwell September 22 and subsequently suffered from diarrhea.


The breeding of white tigers always leads to health problems of the produced tigers.

The reason why zoos breed white tigers is because of money reasons. There is no conservation at stake and it has nothing to do with education while the animals involved are having a painful life.

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