Our site has been growing very fast, every day reaching more and more people around the world, therefore we are looking for volunteers that can help us. People who care about and want to do more for tigers. People who want to be an advocate for tigers.
At this moment, we’re looking for 3 volunteers: 
– Someone who can help us improve our platform on WordPress
– Someone who can help us find and write stories about tigers, beyond what we read in the news nowadays. 
– Someone who can help us accelerate tiger advocating on social media.
If you are interested, just send us an e-mail and tell us how you’d like to cooperate!

Because of our success on social media, we’re looking for moderators that can increase our impact, steering a conversation or a discussion in the right direction. He or she asks questions, gives room for discussion and triggers or motivates people to be a tiger advocate too.

[SKILLS NEEDED] Passion for tigers, empathy, patience, perseverance, good level of written English, communicative and experienced in social media.



Our mission is to engage people with what is happening with tigers. We do this with news from other media but we want to share our own stories too. We are looking for writers that can tell a story that grabs people interested in what is happening with tigers.

Writers volunteers

[SKILLS NEEDED] Passion for tigers, good written English, story-telling.

Wordpress volunteer

One of the important pillars in our platform is our WordPress website. We need someone that can professionalize the way our website was built, its usability and our SEO-position.

[SKILLS NEEDED] Passion for tigers, experienced in WordPress, SEO and good in English.