Humans Versus Tigers – When Will It End?


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India – The Wire

How the FRA Is the Last Line Against the Environment Ministry's Arbitrariness.


Forests were originally a state subject but were elevated in 1976 to the Centre’s attention by bringing them under the concurrent list (42nd amendment to the Constitution). So forest and wildlife, once with the Ministry of Agriculture, became the full-fledged Ministry of Environment and Forests in 1985, and included climate change in 2014. 

The Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change (MoEFCC) is today tasked with protecting and conserving the country’s natural resources – its biodiversity, forests and wildlife – and with controlling pollution.

However, its longstanding authority over forests came to an unceremonious end in March 2006 when the Centre moved “all matters, including legislation, relating to the rights of forest dwelling Schedule Tribes on forest lands ” to the Ministry of Tribal Affairs, to the delight of forest-dwellers across the country. However, the MoEFCC refuses to heed this order and continues to defy the law and by extension Parliament.


India wants to save tigers and to protect them they want humans out of the tiger areas.

So humans living in the areas are being translocated. But they don’t want that and protest about it.

So the situation in India is getting more intense.

But remember: There are only app. 2967 in India. And 1,371,255,893 humans living in India, absorbing more and more tiger and other wildlife habitat.

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