Video Wall of Tiger Fame

With our Video Wall of Tiger Fame honour the great tigers and tigresses of our world.

The Great Machli

The great Machli was a Bengal tiger that lived in the Ranthambore Tiger Reserve in India. She lived for 20 years, making her one of the oldest tigers ever lived. Machli was famous and people say she was the most photographed tiger in the world. India earned about US$10 million per year due to tourists attracted by the tigress. For this she won the Lifetime Achievement Award of Travel Operators For Tigers. This was to honor her contribution to conservation and as a tourist attraction. One that earned significant income for India. In 2013 a commemorative postal cover and stamp was issued by India to honour the tigress for her contributions, both ecological as well as economical.

Avni, controversially killed alleged man eating tigress

T1, commonly known as Avni, was a five year old tigress. She was killed on 2nd November 2018. This was done around Borati village in Indian state Maharashtra. The reason she was killed because of shoot-to-kill court order as she allegedly killed 13 people. Her death provoked outrage with NGOs, action groups and tiger advocates. The reason for this was because of all the controversy around the killing, which dominated the Indian news for weeks. Avni and her two nine months old cubs were tracked. A team of around 200 forest guards, trackers, and private sharp shooters were assisted by two highly trained sniffer dogs and 90 camera-traps. Activists still seek justice, even in law suits.

Jay, the Hulk of Umred

Jay was a giant tiger. Although born somewhere, he moved after an incredible journey to the Umred Karhandla Wildlife Sanctuary. Because of his physics, many people came to look for Jay. The sighting were at their peak during early summer of 2016. And then suddenly on 19th April, 2016 Jai went missing from his territory of Umred Karhandla near Nagpur. In the video you sea him wear a radio collar, but the tiger already was able to remove it before his disappearance. It is almost certain Jay was poached.

Collarwali – the mother of Pench

Each tiger in India gets a number. T-15 is the official name given by the forest department of Pench Tiger Reserve. But Collarwali -because of a radio collar- is the name given to her by native people. She is considered to be the most famous tigress mom of India. She got immediate famous when she gave birth to a litter of five cubs! This rarely happens in the wild. That was in the year 2011. Since 2008, she had given birth to 29 (!) cubs in eight litters, breaking the absolute record of all tigresses in India. 

Ustad – T24

Ustad was a majestic male tiger who looked amazing. But now he spends his life in an enclosed sanctuary. His story is tragic. Ustad ruled Ranthambore for a period of 9 years. In the park, Ustad lived happily with Noor – T39. No male competitor dared to really compete against him. Ustad was a tiger with a laidback attitude who liked to be in the spotlights. He often ate his prey after dragging it in public. Furthermore, he just didn’t care about humans present. He just ignored them. For this behaviour Ustad was the favourite of wildlife enthusiasts and photographers. Until he got accused of killing people. First two and later also of killing a forest guard. The pressure from hoteliers and villagers grew more and more. Until the authorities decided to take him out. This decision and the sudden removal of Ustad created an uproar with tiger activists. Ustad dominated the Indian media for months, and even made it to many international media, like CNN, BBC and Al Jezirah.

Munna – an apex predator

Munna died in March 2021 at age 19 after a beautiful life. He was the oldest tiger of Kanha National park and its living pride. Munna was famous for its stripes on the forehead, representing the word ‘CAT’ or ‘PM’, often explained as prime male (or prime minister). Munna was a human-friendly tiger and was used to jeeps and humans in his territory. His got the name Munna because he injured his hind foot. It was in a territorial fight with another tiger and was limping. That was the time when guides saw him. His condition reminded the guides of one of their peers, who was affected by polio, and thus, used to walk with a limp. When Munna got older he became more agressive to people and fter killing a girl the authorities to take Munna out of the wild and into a sanctuary.