Poaching mafia

Poaching mafia has nothing to worry in Nilgiri biosphere in India


Poaching mafia boss Veerappan was one of India’s biggest criminals and poachers. He was operating alone for more than two decades. He was controlling the Nilgiri biosphere. But now there are six major gangs operating in south India. That is besides the timber mafia and minor poachers. This all was said by informed wildlife sources investigating the incidence of poaching for the past six years.

“During early 90’s Veerappan controlled almost the entire Nilgiri Biosphere. This was covering the Biligiri Ranga Tiger reserve, Mudumalai tiger reserve, Sathyamangalam tiger reserve, Anamalai tiger reserve, Bandipur Tiger reserve and MM Hills,” said a highly placed source. He is associated with IUCN (the International Union for Conservation of Nature). The man had earlier served with Traffic India on international wildlife trade.

He also has a good network over the Parambikulam Tiger reserve and the Wayanad wildlife sanctuary in adjacent Kerala. Outsiders had a fear factor to cross over Sathyamangalam reserve. As it was the connecting area of TN with Karnataka and Kerala.

But after his death in 2004, local poachers started emerging. Now a poaching mafia from north India have started patrolling the south Indian forests, the top source said.

The full article was published by DT Net on April 14, 2021.