Must-read: The Girl And The Tiger.

The girl and the tiger

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‘Why Is The Tiger The Bad Guy?’: Q&A With Author And Conservationist Paul Rosolie.


Heart-breaking. Raw. Beautiful. Vital. These are just a few of the words I can use to describe Paul Rosolie’s new novel, The Girl and the Tiger. While the book tells the tale of a daring girl who has taken it upon herself to return an orphaned tiger to the jungle, it ends up being much more than that: it’s a keening lament for our relationship with nature. A meditation on all things wild, both animal and human.

But it does all this without being preachy or sentimental. You can read this book for the powerful drama and stirring adventure. Or as an unflinching look at modern India — and the modern world — today. I’d suggest both.


Wonderful interview from Mongabay with conservationist Paul Rosolie about his work and a his new book: The Girl and the Tiger.

A must-read!

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