Tiger are in urgent need of help. YOUR HELP!
Four tigers are in need of immediate support. They lack proper housing and have no space to live. They needproper food. And they need medical attention.
The economic situation in South America is worse than can be, especially in Argentina where these four tigers are abondenend on a train.
To save these tigers and give them a place where they can finally live in peace for the rest of their lives we need help. Your help. Please donate what you can to help us save these four tigers.


But with your help we can rescue them!

Four tigers live an abandoned live on a train. They need help and they need to get away, to a safe place. We decided to organise a rescue mission so they can live the rest of their life in peace with proper care. We need your help!

Tigers In Argentina.

Unfortunately there are many tigers and lions in Argentina, mybe as much as the current number of tigers in Malaysia living in the wild: around 150.

Argentina is not a country where tigers originate from. They come from China and in the course of time tiger dispersed all over Asia, even to Syria and Turkey.

100 years ago more than 100,000 tigers lived in more than 30 countries. Nowadays not more than 4,000 tigers live in only 10 (Asian) countries.

The numbers of tigers in captivity however is much higher. Worldwide estimations say that around 30,000 tigers live in captivity (in zoos, farms, pets, circusses).

Often the conditions where captive tigers live are poor: no proper food, no proper medical care and not enough space to live.

Because of the poor economic situation in Argentina lots of zoos and other venues where tigers live have problems with properly maintaining tigers.

Zoos are actually closing down. They need to find a safe haven for their exotic animals.  High costs and a tendency towards keeping exclusively autochthonous animals are leading factors.

Trapped On A Train.

Natasja de Winter, a Dutch woman that lives in Argentina, is a true  and fully independent advocate for wild animals. Her story is unbelievable but nobody knows it. When she can, she  tries to rescue neglected tigers or lions from Argentina.

She will not rest before all encaged wild cats in Argentina will have a sanctuary. She is currently involved in the rescue of 13 (!) wild cats from a zoo.

But momentarily she stands for another, almost impossible task.

She learned about four tigers that are trapped in a train in the North of Argentina. Abandoned by a travelling circus, promising “they would get back for them”. But they never did.

The current owner, a cereal grower, has little knowledge on how to treat them. A local vet with little knowledge of tigers from the village passes by now and then to check.

Natasja got in touch with the owner, who is clearly unhappy with how the tigers are doing and is urgently seeking for a responsible home. But his resources to change things for the better are limited. He asked for the help of Natasja to do something.

Now Natasja is doing everything she can to arrange a better future for these four tigers. A future where they can roam more freely as they are used to now – enjoying natural vegetation and trees in a surrounded habitat.

You Can Help!

These tigers need our help, desperately. They don’t get adequate food,

they need medical attention and they need another place to live. The plan is to transport these tigers to a trusted sanctuary in South Africa. There they get a lifetime care they so much deserve. They can live and stay there, surrounded by African bush –  laying under a tree and enjoying a natural waterpool undisturbed by humans.

What can you do?

1. Donate!

2. If you can’t donate, please send this to people you know that can donate.

3 Share this rescue mission on your social media: the more people read about it, the more chance of help for these tigers.

Joint-Rescue Mission

I am a tiger advocate

Via a member of the Dutch Embassy I got in touch with Natasja. We spoke about many things and mostly about our drive to save tigers.

She told me about the four train tigers and I felt the urge to help her. Natasja needs a lot of money for saving these tigers and needs help: from people like you and me, from governments, from NGOs and from companies.

That’s why we regularly publish news about this rescue mission on our platform. To raise awareness on these four abandoned tigers so you can help Natasja out with your donations!

Next to Natasja there is also the help of Corina Kerkmans, member of the Dutch political party Partij Voor De Dieren (Party For The Animals). And as we speak we try to get in touch with lots of NGOs or action groups that can help raise funds for this complicated but most necessary rescue mission.

I hope we can count on your help!

Chris Slappendel

founder IATA Tiger News Platform

Poor conditions

This video is already a year old (2018). As you can see the tigers have to live in a very small train wagon, in the middle of nowhere.

Although the owner feeds the tigers his limited knowledge causes that the tigers are lacking certain vitamines (like vitamine A). Also, the wagon they live has never been properly cleaned – causing continuous parasites due to presence of excrement. It seems that the tigers suffer from zoochosis, psychological problems associated with animals kept in prolonged activities. More commonly-zoo animals exhibit signs of extreme depression and related psychological conditions as they struggle with the confines of their captivity.

These tigers are abandoned and need better food, a place to live surrounded by nature and proper medical care.

These tigers are abandoned and need better food, a place to live and proper medical care.

Your help

After talks with the owner it is our plan to translocate these four tigers to a trusted sanctuary in South Africa. Next to a lot of (expensive) paperwork to get transportation permits there is a lot of work to be done. The tigers need to be strong enough to travel. There needs to be medical check-ups and perhaps even medical care. There needs to be transportation from the train to the airport. There needs to be a air carrier that is able to transport the tigers. After arriving in South Africa the tigers need to be transported to their new home. The sanctuary needs to have sufficient funds to maintain the four tigers. And we need to cover all costs that come with this unique and needed rescue mission.

The estimations are that we need € 35,000 for this rescue mission.

100 percent of your donations will be used for covering the costs of the rescue these four tigers. There are no overhead costs whatsoever.

Our  Wildlife Advocates Foundation – in formation – will be monitored by the Dutch CBF (Central Bureau for Fundraising).


With you help we can let them live in freedom, with proper care!
Once you have donated, we'll keep you updated on the rescue mission!