Train Tigers Rescue

Train Tigers Rescue

Four tigers are stuck on a train wagon in the heart of Argentina. Yes, on a train wagon. A deserted one. They live there already for 14 years but the Wildlife Advocates Foundation tracked them. And acted. The purpose: get them out of the train. And get them into a sanctuary, as closest to the wild as possible! And you can help!

Play the video to learn more about the four tigers.

You can’t tell everyday that you have rescued a tiger. But once you donate you can. You can even say you rescued four tigers! By donating you will make it possible to get these four tigers out of their horrible situation. The Wildlife Advocates Foundation works together in an international partnership. They collaborate with Ubuntu Wildlife Sanctuary and with Planėte Tigre to make this rescue possible.

Planète Tigre is a French association that helps to release funds, stop poaching and illegal trafficking, and restore natural habitats for the last tigers.
Ubuntu Wildlife Sanctuary
Ubuntu Wildlife Sanctuary is a South African sanctuary that gives sanctuary to wild animals in need.
Wildlife Advocates Foundation
Wildlife Advocates Foundation is a Dutch foundation that rescues wild animals in captivity. One by one.


Basically: money. All preparations are done, like agreements with the owner to get them out of the train wagon. But still a lot more needs to be done. The organisations work pro bono but there are still a lot of costs to be covered. Below you see what is needed an how much it costs.

  • Veterinary costs in Argentina: US$ 3,000.
    • Check-ups of the state of health of tigers, fleas, dewormers, anti-parasitics.
  • Transportation cages: US$ 10,000.
    • Each tiger needs to have its own transportation cage, which need to be constructed.
  • Transportation costs: US$ 4,000.
    • A truck needs to drive the tigers from the province of San Luis to the International Airport of Buenos Aires. This trip will take 20 hours.
  • Travel costs Argentina to South Africa: US$ 64,000.
    • The tigers fly from Buenos Aires in Argentina to the International Airport of Johannesburg in South Africa, with also one international stop-over. These costs are always the main expense but especially now with Covid-19.
  • Transport costs in South Africa: US$ 4,000
    • A truck needs to drive the tigers from the International Airport of Johannesburg to the Ubuntu Wildlife Sanctuary. This trip will also take 20 hours.
  • Airport fees: US$ 1,000
    • Administrative fees to get the tigers into South Africa.
  • New homes: US$ 14,000
    • The tigers can’t survive in the wild anymore, due to the lack of hunting skills and physical conditions. The Ubuntu Wildlife Sanctuary gives them a life as closest to the wild as possible. The money is needed for the construction of the enclosures and night shelters.


By donating. The three organisations have created a campaign on Givengain, a platform that doesn’t charge costs.

If you click below, you will see the campaign where you can donate!

With your donation you really help. You can actually see you helped to rescue four tigers!