Where To Spot Tigers In India.

Spotting tigers

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Ranked: India's Most Popular Tiger Reserves — And The Chances Of Spotting The Majestic Wild Cat.


With only 3,890 tigers left in the world, it is next to impossible to spot wild cats in their natural habitat.
Those to venture to, require a lot of time, and a bit of luck. Changing habitation, wildlife poaching, and other human activities have been too harsh to the tiger population around the world. In the past century, three out of every nine tiger subspecies became extinct. India, which is home to more than half the population of tigers in the world has been working hard to conserve them.
According to the government, their population increased from 2,226 in 2014 to 2,967 in 2018.
Those who want to spot a tiger, can try them at over 40 sanctuaries and tiger reserves in the country.


Tigers are becoming more and more popular in India. This is good news because they always say “the more eyes, the better” – as tourists have a preventing effect on poaching.

However, the role of media (also social media) is important. Stories or messages about the exact whereabouts of a tiger can lead to activation of poachers.

So please be careful when you see a tiger and want to share your joy with your friends and family – as poachers scan social media as well.