Indian State Madhya Pradesh Is Not Respecting Tigers Enough.

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National Tiger Conservation Authority red flags MP govt's move to increase tourism inside reserves after plaint from Bhopal activist.


The National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) has red-flagged the Madhya Pradesh government’s move to increase tourism activities inside the state’s tiger reserves in violation of the existing guidelines and asked it to take corrective steps.

This follows a complaint by Bhopal-based wildlife activist Ajay Dubey who has alleged that the state government has increased the tourism carrying capacity of the reserves by allowing in more numbers of vehicles carrying visitors.


In India there is a limit to the number of tourists in tiger reserves, confirmed by the Indian Supreme Court, to protect tigers from human interference.

Indian states want as many as tourists. The reason for this is money – the money of tourists they can use to cover the expenses of conservation.

Some states don’t respect this court order. Madhya Pradesh, very succesful in tiger conservation, has six reserves. But obviously Madhya Pradesh is not respecting tigers enough as they are now being ‘red flagged’ by the Indian tiger authority, being warned by a worried civilian.

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