Tony The Tiger – Wrong Partnership. Where Is The Support For Tigers?

Tony the tiger

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Tony The Tiger Claims Sun Bowl Title Partnership And Returns The Game To Original Mission: Helping Kids Play Sports.


A new era of college football begins as Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes is announced as the title sponsor of the newly-named Tony the Tiger Sun Bowl.

The postseason contest will feature a power-five matchup between members of the ACC and Pac-12 at the Sun Bowl in El Paso, Texas, on Dec. 31, 2019, and will be televised for the 52nd consecutive year on CBS. The agreement between the Sun Bowl Association and Frosted Flakes was brokered by Denver-based Impression Sports & Entertainment.

The multiyear partnership is marked by Tony the Tiger being the first mascot to lend his name to a college football bowl game. What’s more, Tony is returning the Sun Bowl to its inaugural mission — helping kids play sports — something that hasn’t been a focus since the birth of the Sun Bowl.


The American Superbowl in El Paso is being sponserd by Kellogg’s with Tony the Tiger.

Kellogg’s is using the tiger as brand and made fortunes with it. But instead of teaming up seriously to help tigers, the animal that made them so rich, they get into all kinds of other partnerships.

When does Kellogg’s finally starts investing seriously into tiger conservation?

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