The ‘Tiger’ Brand Exploited In Many Ways.

Tiger Blue Goes Green

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USA – The Daily Helmsman

“Tiger Blue Goes Green” tents up the environment at the festival.


The University of Memphis student plaza resembled a Tiger Lane football tailgate Tuesday afternoon as students flocked to party tents to enjoy autumn temperatures at the annual Tiger Blue Goes Green festival.

The Physical Plant Departments Office of Sustainability’s outdoor expo provided students ample refreshments and lunch options, while vendors from on and off-campus gave a range of educational presentations on environmental sustainability and conservation.

Sustainability manager Ameilia Mahayi coordinated the event and said her office hoped it would be an exciting, effective way to educate students about not only where their green fee tuition money is going, but also how to take advantage of the eco-friendly services available to them on campus.

“There’s Tiger Garden, Tiger Bike, Memphis Law and so many more,” Mahayi said.


A ‘Tiger Lane’, ‘Tiger Blue Goes Green festival’, ‘Tiger Bike’ and ‘Tiger Garden’….

All activities by the University of Memphis to focus on clean water – not a word about the endangered situation of tigers.

This is only one example of how the ‘tiger’ brand is being exploited for other means than tiger conservation.

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