East India Company And St. Helena: Treasures Of India Collection Series Begins With First Release Of The Bengal Tiger.

The East India Company Bullion Ltd. and the treasury of St. Helena have released (17th July) their new 2019-dated “Tiger” silver one-ounce Proof-quality cash coin. The bold Tiger coin celebrates India’s national animal and highlights the fact that the tiger is one of the world’s most endangered species.

As the national animal of India, the tiger occupies a prominent position and meaning in Indian culture. For centuries it has been a symbol of power, strength, and grace, and is also closely associated with bravery and valour. In Hindu mythology, this majestic animal symbolises the possession of unlimited power. The Goddess Durga Bhagwati, or the Divine Mother, rides a tiger to demonstrate her power to protect virtue and destroy evil.

The species’ scientific name is Panthera tigris, the Royal Bengal tiger represents strength, elegance, and endurance. Well protected in India, genetic research confirms that this species of tiger arrived over 12,000 years ago. While all tigers are considered endangered, the royal Bengal tiger is the most numerous of all tiger sub-species with approximately 2,500 tigers left in the wild. The creation of India’s tiger reserves in the 1970s helped to stabilise its numbers, but poaching in recent years has again put the Bengal tiger in danger.