Chinta Tiger Name Exploited By Australian Boyband

China Tiger

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Australia – Tone Deaf

Tony Hawk is a massive fan of this new Australian band.


Sydney newcomers China Tiger released their debut single, ‘Belly Button’, last week and it is already making a splash.

The four-piece also announced a string of live shows to accompany the release, with more to follow. The first of these, the ‘Belly Button’ single launch, will take place at Frankie’s Pizza in Sydney on October 30.

If your parents didn’t let you have video games as a kid, let me fill you RIGHT in. Skateboarder Tony Hawk’s PS2 games were a bountiful cornerstone of millennial childhoods worldwide. Hawk is also a skateboarding champion in his own right. As if this wasn’t enough, he has forged an acting career as well, and set up a charity and a skateboard brand. The guy is a bloody Renaissance man.


Autralian boyband names itself China Tiger and raises awareness on… mental health.

Although it is a serious subject we’d rather had seen that awareness was raised on the poor situation of tigers in China.

It’s a pity that the brand ‘tiger’ is abused in many ways.

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