Call For Independent Tiger Fund After Financial Support Of Big Company To WWF.

Uniroyal tiger

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USA – Yahoo Finance

Uniroyal Tires Renews Support for World Wildlife Fund Program to Double Wild Tiger Population.


Uniroyal® Tires is renewing its support of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF®) campaign to increase the number of wild tigers. The brand that offers the iconic UNIROYAL® Tiger Paw® tire line is launching its second month-long campaign to support Tx2 – an ambitious tiger conservation target set by 13 tiger-range countries to double the number of wild tigers by 2022.


Brands use iconic species like tigers for their marketing or branding, knowing it will sell more.

Each company should pay 1% of all annual turnover for using the iconic animal – as if they pay brand rights.

Incidentally big companies that use iconic animals pay a small amount. The well-known conservation organisations -like WWF- are profiting from this.

Regardless of the fact that the amounts paid are often too low this situation calls for a change.

In this case WWF collects all the money and nobody knows what they do with it. The amount disappears in the deep pockets and WWF never tells how it is spend exactly.

We call for an independent fund that collect all the money coming from rights, paid by companies that use iconic animals in marketing and brands.

This transparent fund will see to it that all money will be invested wisely in tiger conservation programs, without attributing to overhead costs, high wages or other spillage.

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