No More Animals In Chinese Medicines PLEASE.

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Animal products to avoid in Traditional Chinese medicine.


In pursuit of well-being and health, many of us are open to all forms of cures – some more ethical than others.

While Chinese medicine has been around for centuries and has its benefits, remedies that involve animal products that

foster the illegal trafficking industry have to come to an end.

Not just because they are directly harming animals, but also because they are endangering them to the point of extinction, often with no proven medicinal benefits as well.


Wild animals are an important ingredients for Tradtional Chinese Medicines. Why? Because people believe in it – the placebo effect.

But scientifically there is no value in using animals in medicines for people. On the contrary.

Due to TCM many wild animals have been haunted into (near) extinction, with large profits for TCM companies and Chinese mafia.

So please, either stop using TCM or demand that the use of wild animals in TCM is banned.

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