There are more captive tigers in US than entire wild population

It's been a year since Tiger King dropped on Netflix, shocking and captivating viewers across the globe.

The questionable characters, escalating feuds and interminable twists undeniably made for compelling TV, but at the heart of it all was a troubling theme - the mistreatment of tigers.

Tragically, the welfare standards exposed in…

Kenzo re-teams with WWF to help save tigers

Luxury fashion brand Kenzo has doubled down on its ongoing support of tiger conservation with the launch of a second capsule collection, featuring its emblematic tiger in a new graphic representation.

Continuing its partnership with the WWF, the French brand has thrown its weight behind the ongoing Tx2 worldwide campaign that…


Thai zoo declared ‘hell on Earth for animals’ where tigers and other animals have been left emaciated during Covid lockdown

A notorious Thai zoo has sparked concern for the health of its animals after it reopened to visitors following the Covid lockdown.

People found bears begging for food in tiny enclosures, emaciated tigers and cattle, crocodiles swimming in filthy water and orangutans desperately reaching out to tourists behind bars.

A vet dispatched…