Tiger Sivaki euthanised in zoo

Potter Park zoo is mourning the death of its 16-year-old Amur Tiger.

Sivaki was humanely euthanized at the Lansing zoo on Wednesday following a decline in his health due to age-related spinal disease.…

Vaccine could save critical tiger population

In 2003 a young Amur tiger, seeming disoriented, wandered into a Russian village on the Chinese border. Wildlife Conservation Society scientists anesthetized the tiger and determined that she had canine distemper—the first case confirmed in a wild tiger. The feline patient zero died six weeks later.

Since then, canine distemper, an…

Study: Fragmentation of tiger habitat is leading to inbreeding, low survival

The study published in journal of Molecular Biology and Evolution published on February 16 suggests that there is inbreeding among Indian tigers, which is a result of isolated populations due to habitat loss.

A new research paper has concluded that fragmentation of habitat has already disrupted the natural evolutionary process in…