Most In Belarus Stranded Tigers Are Doing Better In Polish Zoo – But Who Is Rsponsible?

Starving tiger

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Starving tigers found covered in excrement in tiny cages in lorry during exhausting transfer from Italy to Russian circus are recovering in Polish zoo after dramatic rescue operation.


Nine stranded tigers who were found emaciated and dehydrated after they were shipped from Italy are slowly recovering thanks to two Polish zoos.

The tigers endured a gruelling journey through Europe last month during which a tenth feline died.

The big cats were found starving and covered in their own excrement in cages while being transported to a circus in Russia. 

But seven are now eating and have received vitamins and mineral salts at one of the zoos in Poznan, western Poland.


Thanks to the care of Polish zoo keepers 9 out of 10 in Belarus stranded tigers are doing a bit better.

Last week 10 tigers were found in an Italian truck, on its way to Russian Dagestan. The tigers were neglected all the way, without food, and were in a terrible state, most of them without the will to live (with one tiger that died).

Now they are doing better and will eventually, after they regain their strength, be transported to Spain, where they can live the rest of their lives in a special facility of St. Aap, a Dutch rescue center.

Now it is also time to seek the for the answers to important questions:

– why does Italy have tiger breeding centers?
– who is responsible for treating 10 endangered animals this way?
– who is going to pay for the costs for the recovery?
– where will the ones responsible be trialed?

We’ll keep you updated.

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