Avni Killer Doesn’t Get Paid For Killing Avni.


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India – India Today

Maharashtra govt refused to pay our fees for eliminating T1 man eating tigress, says Hyderabad based shooter.


A felicitation ceremony was organised at Savarkeda in Yavatmal district of Maharashtra on November 2 to commemorate one year of eliminating the man-eating tigress.

Villagers of 19 villages of Savarkeda tehsil got together and felicitated Nawab Shafaket Ali Khan and his son Asghar Ali Khan.

The father and son were also given a token of appreciation and an amount of Rs 21,000. The villagers thanked the father and son saying there hasn’t been any loss of human life since T1 was eliminated on November 2, 2018. A total of 13 villagers in Yavatmal district’s Pandharkevda division had lost their lives in the T1 Attack.


A small consolation for tiger lovers that are still angry with the whole situation around the killing of Avni.

The killer of tigress Avni doesn’t get paid for killing her as there is no MoU (or a contract).

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