Ranthambore tigers missing

Not 4 but 6 tigers ‘missing’ in Indian tiger reserve Ranthambore


Six tigers — four adults and two sub-adults — have been unaccounted for since March 2020 in the Ranthambore tiger sanctuary, Rajasthan. However, State forest officials are not willing to label them “missing” and denied reports that they may have been poached.

Independent wildlife groups such as Tiger Watch have alleged that the tigers have been missing for over a year and that “negative human intervention being a cause [poaching]” could not be ruled out.

The National Tiger Conservation Authority, a wing of the Union Environment Ministry, has constituted a committee to ascertain the disappearance of the tigers. R.P. Gupta, Secretary, Environment Ministry, said while a report was still awaited from the State, it was not unusual for tigers to move outside the reserve — even as far as Mathura, Uttar Pradesh; Bharatpur in Rajasthan and Dati in Madhya Pradesh — but they have not ruled out other causes.

The complete article was published by the Hindu on March 19, 2021.