Tiger pride

Tiger pride: an inspiration for recycling paper


A class assignment has resulted in a new mascot for Campbell Elementary, a school in the USA, bringing tiger pride to life.

Serena Ascough’s fourth grade class was inspired by a reading lesson to do a recycled paper mache project and crafted a life-sized female sumatran tiger out of recycled paper and cardboard.

“It’s been an amazing student-driven project which has spread tiger-pride, raised awareness of recycling paper and paper products in our schools, encouraged creativity, and supported inquiry-based learning practices,” Ascough said. “I am SO proud of the work this class has done on this tiger project from conception to research and execution!”

She said the class hopes the new tiger, named Stripes, will spread tiger pride and showcase the students’ talents.

As part of the project, the students completed writing assignments giving a detailed explanation of the project.