Chandrapur cub

Chandrapur cub back with its mother


A six-month-old rescued female tiger cub was reunited with its mother. It happened 10 hours later in Chandrapur district on Wednesday after the cub had fallen into a well.

The forest department got the info about the cub falling into a farm’s well on Wednesday morning. It happened in Chichpalli range of Chandrapur at 8.30 am. The well lacked a parapet wall. This often leads to incidents of animals falling inside.

The rapid response team from Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve were sent to the spot. They got there along with senior forest and veterinary officials. They managed in pulling the Chandrapur cub out of the well. That happened around 11.30 am.

At the Chandrapur’s Transit Treatment Centre the cub got a check-up. It was found to be fit. The officials were making plans to reunite the cub with its mother. And then they got information about a tigress calling out. It was near the well where the cub was found.

Within 10 hours the Chandrapur cub was reunited with its mother.