Teak and the tiger

Teak and the Tiger is an evocative trek through the evolution of Parambikulam Tiger Reserve


Teak and the Tiger, a 20-minute documentary on the reserve, is an evocative trek through the Reserve, one of the most biologically diverse forests in India. The documentary, commissioned by the Forest Department, directed and filmed by Suresh Elamon, narrates the history and evolution of the 644 square km reserve. The film also touches upon the changes in the lives of the people and their environment on account of the commercial activities in the forest regions.

Forests in the Western Ghats are alive with the sound of nature. Tigers sun on rocky beds, hornbills nest in towering trees, herds of elephants feed on grassy slopes alongside chital (spotted deer), while lion-tailed macaques swing through the canopy and flights of butterflies rise up in the air… This is Parambikulam Tiger Reserve in Kerala, the second one in the State, situated in the folds of the forests of the Western Ghats. Teak and the Tiger.