Minnesota tiger

Minnesota Orchestra plays with tigers and bears for its first TV children’s concert


Some people will always sea tigers and bears as ‘gimmicks’ to entertain people, even though they are children.

Twin Cities PBS and Minnesota Orchestra’s principal conductor Sarah Hicks shot footage at the Minnesota Zoo for an upcoming young people’s concert called ‘Musical Menagerie.

A TV crew surrounding her, conductor Sarah Hicks leaned toward the glass, trying to catch sight of her co-stars: three Alaskan brown bears.

“Are they big?” she joked, and the crew laughed.

Just then, the bears appeared, with Hicks narrating their movements down the hill. “Look how they lumber — gracefully, slowly,” she said, a boom mic bobbing above her head. “They are looking for food.”

The article was published on Startribune on the 8th of Februari 2021.