Joe Exotic Tiger cub

My life’s been hell – Joe Exotic


Joe Exotic says his life’s been a living hell ever since Netflix unleashed him on the world … and he’s going scorched earth on Donald Trump, Carole Baskin, PETA, the feds and more!!!

Joe, through his attorney John M. Phillips of the Phillips & Hunt firm, tells TMZ … “It has been a year of hell” since March 20, 2020, when Netflix premiered ‘Tiger King’ … and he’s not talking about the pandemic.

Exotic gripes the people for whom he opened his zoo and home — “when their own families wouldn’t help them” — have turned their backs on him as he rots in prison. Joe doesn’t name names, but says some of his ex-employees are out to “just collect money and talk s*** to get on TV” … and he’s pissed they’re allegedly using his name “to profit off the hell I am living.”

Joe’s still claiming his innocence too … he grouses the prosecutors and witnesses who helped put him behind bars lied under oath. Exotic’s confident “the truth will come out … come hell or high water, they will all answer to perjury at some point.”

The complete article was published by TMZ on March 20, 2021.