Young talent

Young talent for tiger awareness


Only 12 years old, Putri Amani is the youngest talent of Def Jam Malaysia. Kowachee, a popular young artiste, has long been in the entertainment industry.

At the age of four the young talent started out as an artistic gymnastic athlete. This was for PELAPIS Selangor. Later she learned hip hop dance at the age of eight. As her career as a dancer kicked off, so did her popularity.

As a young talent she now uses her popularity to raise awareness on Malayan tigers. She says: “The tiger is a symbol of national pride. I am using my social media platform to spread awareness that we need to save and help to protect the natural habitat of tigers. All of us can do more for the tiger. Only a few are left, so we should send more pledge messages to save the tigers.”

Hear hear.

The full article was published by The Sun Daily on April 8, 2021.