Raveena Tandon

Raveena Tandon calls for death for poachers, rapists


On Wednesday Indian actress Raveena Tandon posted a comment on social media. It was about India’s legal system. She said the laws in the country are too weak, Also she said that culprits are not convicted in most cases.

She raised concern about crimes. Like poaching and rape. Raveena Tandon demands capital punishment for such misdemeanours. “Poaching becoming a serious problem in these pandemic times”, she said. “Our laws and sentencing too weak”, which is not all she says.

“Frikkin impotent. Our legal system is such that culprits are not convicted in most cases.”

“…. arrrrggghhhhh I said it. Political correctness be damned.”

“Hang poachers and rapists,” Raveena tweeted.

#TigerNews: Read the full article on The Hans India, published on April 1, 2021.