Mamata Banerjee

Indian politician says: ‘Will live like Royal Bengal Tiger till I’m alive’


Let’s hope she knows that tigers are shy, solitary and territorial animals…

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee launched blistering attack at the BJP on Tuesday while campaigning for the upcoming Assembly elections in the state, due in April-May later this year.

Hitting out at the BJP, Banerjee said that she is not a weak person who can be intimidated by the saffron party. The Trinamool Congress supremo further said that she will live like a Royal Bengal Tiger till the time she is alive.

“There is no reason to think I am weak, I am not a person to be afraid of anything. I am a strong person and will keep my head high as long as I live and till then I will live like a Royal Bengal Tiger,” Banerjee said .

The article was published by Times Now News on February 9, 2021.