An icon dies: Big CAT Munna of Kanha passes away


T-17 of Kanha National Park, popularly known as Munna, which had CAT written on his forehead naturally with the unique stripe pattern, died of old age on Sunday. Munna was shifted to Van Vihar National Park on October 24, 2019, from Mandla.

Munna, aged around 21, had stopped eating from March 2. The big cat could not move after his limbs were paralysed about a year ago. Special care was being taken by the veterinary staff of Van Vihar. Veterinary doctor Atul Gupta and a team of other vets were deputed to take special care of, and monitor, Munna’s health. Munna’s remains were consigned to the flames on Sunday in the presence of forest officials and members of the staff that looked after him.

This article was published by Free Press Journal on March 7, 2021.