Army of the dead

Army of the dead – tigers


Tigers are inspirational animals. They appear in songs, in art, in books and in movies. Now a new TV-series Army of the Dead is coming up, starring… dead tigers!

There were a lot of cool moments in the new Army of the Dead trailer. The trailer was dropped last week. The scene stealer of the bunch was seeing a zombie tiger. It appeared in the middle of Las Vegas. The name of this dead tiger is Valentine. It scored a lot of attention on social media following the preview’s release. No one can imagine how hard it will be for the movie’s protagonists to take this undead creature down compared to your average zombie. But here’s the icing on the proverbial cake. Valentine is connected to a fellow piece of Netflix content. The docuseries Tiger King.

Army of the dead producer Deborah Snyder revealed that Valentine is based on a real tiger. The movie’s visual effects team called various animal sanctuaries. They wanted to see if they could record footage of a tiger for reference. The candidate they ultimately chose lived at a sanctuary owned by Carole Baskin. And Carole is one the major players in Tiger King.

The original article was published by Cinema Blend on April 19, 2021.