Showing Off with Tigers

Showing off with tigers

Tigers are not only apex predators, they are also the objects of desire for many people around the world. Despite their situation, being an endangered animal and threatened with extintion, we see much abuse of tigers. They are being used in photo shoots with celebrities, in zoos to entertain children, in movies and in media. The name of tigers is also being used by many companies, charities that have nothing to do with tigers, sports teams and even health care charities. Below you will the most used ways of showing off with tigers

To name a few: Mike Tyson, Lewis Hamilton, Paris Hilton. There are many reasons to pose with a tiger. There is only one reason not to: it stimulates other ‘ordinary’ people to do the same, which puts even more pressure on tiger conservation. 

Tigers are money-makers. The entertainment industry knows. Many movies have been made with a tiger starring in it. Movies like Life of Pi, Jungle Book and, The Godfather, The Bachelor and many others. While it might seem nice, often tigers starring in movies have been abused and forced to star.

Some people, the minority, tell about tigers in their interviews. They tell about the problems, about the efforts and about the solutions. We would like celebrities to do the same.

Media, online and offline, use media whenever it pleases them. They use a picture of a tiger to identify the reader with leadership, courage, power or beauty. While the only thing this provokes, is to make tigers even more popular, which creates extra pressure on tiger conservation.

In a time where photography has become a second skin, we see more and more photographers showing off with their tiger photographs. Wildlife photographers like to see themselves as sending out a message to the world. But only a few actually capture the true story of tigers to tell the world. In all the other cases it’s only showing off with their photographs and with this making tigers even more popular. And popularity fuels the demand as we all know.

Below you can find a number of articles about these subjects. If you read them, please wonder about how that particular picture conflicts with or helps tiger conservation.