China Reaches New Low In Animal Cruelty: Cloning.


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China’s First Cloned Kitten, Garlic.


Businessman Huang Yu has become the proud pet parent of China’s first cloned cat. 

Devastated by the death of his previous cat, Garlic, Huang sought the services of biotechnology company Sinogene. The Beijing-based firm charged Huang ¥250,000 (about $35,000 US) to generate a clone of his beloved pet, according to the Chinese news outlet The Global Times. The resulting kitten, also named Garlic, was born on July 21 and will stay at the Sinogene lab for another month before being sent home, according to The New York Times.  

“In my heart, Garlic is irreplaceable. Garlic didn’t leave anything for future generations, so I could only choose to clone,” says Huang in an interview with The New York Times.  


Chinese company Sinogene have cloned the first cat to please a wealthy businessman.

With the cruel cloning process China reaches a new low in animal cruelty, which is possible because China does not have any animal cruelty laws.

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