Bhutan As An Example For Tiger Conservation.

Bhutan tiger

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Bhutan sets global standard in tiger conservation.


Tiger conservation has reached crisis point worldwide, prompting a need to review management strategies.

Fragmentation of the large carnivore’s habitat, poaching, and loss of prey are worsening the crisis.

At the current rate of decline, experts warn that it won’t be many decades before the tiger is extinct.

A recent study of tiger conservation in the mountainous landscape of Bhutan, however, suggests that all is not lost.


This article is about an apparently useless study on conservation of tigers in Bhutan.

Some of the findings:

The researchers found that closeness to protected areas appears to be having a positive impact on tiger habitat use and availability of large prey. Being far away from human settlements also helps.

They suggest that well-managed protected areas can help species recovery and the conservation of biodiversity.

Tiger conservation is more likely to succeed when natural habitats and prey species are protected.

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