Chinese Trillion Dollar Belt And Road Initiative F#cks Up Many Wildlife Habitats.

China Belt and Road Inititiative

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Australia – ABC News

China's Belt and Road Initiative will pose serious threat to South-East Asian wildlife, conservationists warn.


Beijing’s multi-trillion-dollar project to connect China with Europe and Africa is slated to cut through large swathes of forest and run close to dozens of biodiversity hotspots, sparking fears of habitat destruction and wildlife extinction.

The initiative, which promises to be the largest in human history, involves more than 7,000 projects spanning 72 countries across Asia, Africa and Europe.

Hundreds of roads and railways will be built to facilitate trade and bind China’s economy to two-thirds of the world’s population.

But research has revealed 60 per cent of the biodiversity across the three continents could be damaged, with impacts ranging from forest fragmentation to outright destruction.


China is conquering the world with ingeneous tactics. One strategic element is the construction of roads and trains.

Many countries in Europe, Asia and Africa already signed agreements with China, like India, Vietnam and Indonesia.

The result will be that up to 60 per cent of habitats will be affected. Sometimes fragmentation, sometimes even complete destruction. With the availability of roads and railroads poaching will become more easy too.

Please be aware of this and inform people you know that love wildlife too.

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