No Prothese For Proud Tiger.

No prothese tiger

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India, the Hindustan Times

Tiger shakes off newly fit prosthetic leg after gaining senses.


An operation performed to fit a prosthetic limb to a tiger in Nagpur was unsuccessful as the animal took it off after regaining consciousness.

The tiger named ‘Sahebrao’ lost his front paw in 2012 after it got entangled in a trap set by poachers. Later, the tiger was treated at a rescue centre in Nagpur.


In 2012 a tiger called Sahebrao lost his front paw after a stepping into a trap, set by poachers.

An Indian doctor, backed up by English specialists, wanted to help to tiger to walk again with a prosthetic leg.

But after a long surgery and lots of preparations it unfortunately didn’t work.

The tiger just took it off.

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