Raise your voice

Of course, you can always donate to WWF, IFAW or another NGO. Or support a NGO that works only on ground level. You can do voluntary work or raise awareness. All is helping the cause.

We have started this project to raise awareness. With our activities we reach people all over the world, which gives us the opportunity to spread the news about what’s happening with tigers. In then wild and in captivity.

This is our main activity. In the background we offer other services as well but we don’t communicate about them actively.

We support two different projects. Just because we believe they have something else to give.

TIGER Mountain

TIGER Mountain is currently an investment project. The purpose of this project is to improve conditions of tigers in the wild and in captivity. In this case not via the traditional ways but via an innovative way. By combining businesses, media and the public in a way that improves knowledge, skills and behavior it is possible to have a positive business concept, that contributes to both conservation of tigers in the wild and in captivity as well as to the interest of investors.

We strongly recommend this unique business concept. If you would like to invest or know somebody that might be interested, please take a look on the website.

Wildlife Advocates Foundation

The Wildlife Advocates Foundation is a relatively new NGO but already they rescued 7 wild animals (tigers and lions) from poor captive situations (like circuses or zoos). They work per project so you can actually experience what is happening.

We strongly recommend this NGO because it really makes a difference.