Environment Ministry In India Appeals To Energy Ministry: Keep Power Lines Away From Wildlife.

Electrocuted tiger

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India – The Wire

Environment Ministry Appeals To Keep Power Lines At Bay From Wildlife.


Every year, an average of 50 elephants are killed in India by electrocution, according to official data. These pachyderms meet their end as they stumble upon ill-maintained power lines and the electrical infrastructure passing through their forest abodes.

To prevent the death of elephants and other wildlife from electrocution, the expert wildlife panel of India’s environment ministry has called for developing a nationwide strategy for long-term planning of electricity grid networks.

The panel recommended measures like burying transmission lines underground, setting up reinforced electric poles fitted with spikes to prevent elephants from rubbing against them, lifting sagging overhead power lines and dismantling of defunct solar-powered fences to protect the animals from coming in contact with these potential sources of electrocution.


Electrocution is a major cause of death for tigers in India: more than 30% of all deaths of Indian tigers!

But nobody is telling about it because poaching is easier to talk about.

The NTCA wants to make all possibilities that can electrocute tigers (or other animals) disappear (in the ground or with other solutions). Even the Indian Supreme Court was involved.

But it is still talks and no action – since July 2018.

Politics as usual.

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