11,5 million US$ Enough To Save Malayan Tiger?

Malayan tiger

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Malaysia – The Malaysian Insight

Budget 2020 a boon to tiger conservation, says WWF-Malaysia.


Wide Fund for Nature-Malaysia (WWF-Malaysia) is ecstatic that Budget 2020 fulfils its biggest wish: to help save Malayan tigers, of which fewer than 200 roam the wild.

Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng, when tabling the budget in Parliament on Friday, said the government will allocate RM48 million to preserve the country’s forests and natural biodiversity.


There is always discussion about budget. Some say it’s enough, others complains it’s not enough.

Malaysia committed to saving the Malayan tiger from extinction. They allocated 48 million Malayan RInggit, some US$ 11,5 million. The total budget of Malaysia will be 297 billion RM, almost 71 billion US$.

You can tell for yourself if Malaysia’s actions are in comparison with its words.

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