Blind Julie As Symptom Of Indian Tiger Culture.

Julie tiger

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India – North East now

Tiger: Not Really Out Of Danger.


As I soaked my feet in the potash water and tried to enter the enclosure, an intimidating sound made me standstill. ‘Julie!’ – the zoo attendant, who was accompanying me, tried to calm that agonizing voice behind the iron grill. The sound did calm down the frail tigress and ‘Julie’ tried to rest her head on the floor of the cage. It was certainly not a situation to cherish, specially watching an iconic wild feline trying to cope with a captive life!

“Julie has been housed here in the State zoo for more than three months now,” said the attendant. She was brought from the Orang National Park for an infection in the eyes. But poor Julie had lost her eyesight!


A tigress that wandered into a town was tranquilized and brought to a zoo. In the zoo the tigress was examined and it turned out she lost most of her eyesight – so she was not able to hunt, which was probably the reason to get her (easy) food at houses (like dogs).

The vets think the reason for her blindness is poisoning, one of the most common ways (with electrocution) in India to kill tigers.

This case can be considered of a symptom of the current Indian tiger culture. A culture that according to prime minister Narendra Modi needs to change.

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